Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stardoll glitches, my school, and etc.

Help me write to Stardoll about the stupid glitches they are having! Copy and Paste what I wrote below and send it to Stardoll, right away!

Dear Stardoll Staff members,
I am having so many problem with what YOU are mistaking. I thought that Stardoll had to pay to run their website, and if we are paying and you are paying the Glitches are not part of the deal. I am furious, that I went and spent my money on Stardoll and you are having these silly problems or you are updating things so we can't view our clubs. So I wanna thank you so much (NOT) for all the help you have given me. You are so not helpful! For peat sake! You mine-as-well give free accounts away to all the non-superstars. Then we could call it even Ha ha ha! By the way this was written by ..wonderland.. so if you have a problem come deal it with her (me)
Your paying superstar, ..Wonderland..


Hey people idk if you read my post I wrote about me not being online when I am at school but I will try my hardest to be online every day!
M.T.I.O (Might thought I'd offer) School starts next week I am so STUNNED!!


RANDOM!! Ha ha ha!

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