Friday, August 14, 2009

Heyy it's Michela!

Hello everyone it is ..Wonderland.. I am telling you about my new writer she is my neighbor named Michela. But she is writing posts on my blogger name with me because she is 7yrs old and I want her to share an account rather than her have her own :) Michela's post is below mine :)
- ..Wonderland..

Hi I am Michela, my Stardoll names are Aubrionya, and Hannahluvr221. ..Wonderland.. helped me create them tehehehe ha ha ha!! I am 7, and I live in the USA, but I was born in Italy. Because my dad was in the military at the time. And my dad and my mom traveled a lot for the military. But my dad quit, has a job in the USA and we now live and will stay in the USA forever :)

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