Friday, July 31, 2009

My old banner, 44nicole44's new one!!

Free Hot Buys!!

Free Hot Buys!! What, well yes they are seriously free!! OMG! The first ever free Hot Buys!! All you have to do is go to the Starplaza, and go to new and they will be there, or you can go to Starplaza search, and then add R.I.O Chicas, and it will be there. But hurry, go and get them before they are gone! ATTENTION! ONLY FOR SUPERSTAR!

Free Guitar!!

Did you get the free, and brand new guitar from Vanessa and Aly.
Why are they changing it? I have no clue! Ha ha!! Anyways how to get it..
Go to, type it the space below. Log in, then go to magazine then go to Stardoll Cinema, then look in your suite, it's there!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I won Cycle 2!! KeeleyModels

I was so excited to see that Luv_pink_fab, and her friends Lauren something :D, had made me Cycle2 winner, and Cycle 3 judge, I have no clue what to say because I was so ecstatic!! Like I was freaking out, because winner KNTM, means the world to me because I won the competition against 15-20 other girls!!

I am terribly sorry for all who did not win, but I hope y'all try out next time. Next time as in Cycle 3!! Everyone did great!! Thanks for everyone's support in the competition as well!

Aliens in the attic, FREE item

There is another FREE item, from Aliens in the Attic! It's that weird Alien tehehe, well he does loom creepy, no offense who-ever likes him!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Remeber this!

Do you remember this in like 2006, or 2007? I sure don't! These must be really rare!!

Beauty Magazine released!!

Beauty Magazine's new release! How beautiful!! Tehehe, well they're creative. I was pretty excited to see the magazine on the blog, I was freaking out!! Now, isn't BlueGreen86 featured in EVERYTHING!! Ugh, she's super-manager of APG, Ugh that makes me mad!!

Stardoll Prefects, dang!!

Stardoll Prefects, has the best Graphic Designers!! I need some of them! If you know how to Graphic Design, send me some of your designs! We could use you so much!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

News Update!!

Okay Stardolls, did you hear Callie.Stardoll has announced that Evil Panda Special Edition Guitars will no longer be sold after the end of this week, which means if you want Special Edition Never To Be Sold Again Guitars (S.E.N.T.B.S.A.G) you better buy them soon! The price ranges are 25-50sd, pretty cheap for S.E.N.T.B.S.A.G you know. I am ..wonderland.. and stay tuned for more news updates!

I interviewed Tyler!!!

I thank Tyler so...much because he let me interview him for this blog! I was so excited when you messaged back!! Alright it was not a big interview but he answered a few questions for me. =P

What got me interested in stardoll?
1.The fashion. I used to have a huge passion in the world of high fashion, but later begin to log on for my blog Tyler's Top Trends. Friends play a big role in my interest here on Stardoll.

favorite subject?
2. In school I assume that's what you're asking. English. I love it. I would love to be a writer when I grow up, honestly.

Favorite food?
3. Chinese, yum.

Favorite vacation spot?
4. I would love to visit Paris, but so far... Miami is my most favorite vacation spot.

What's your style?
5. My style is unique.

If you could meet any model it would be?
6. Tyra Banks because she is more then just a pretty face.

Would you support this blog?
7. Yes, of course!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chat added? Hmm, idk is it?

Is the new icon a chat icon or another send a message icon? Do you know? Comment please!!

Vanessa and Alyson invade our property!

I just logged in and Guess what! Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Michalka invaded our suites! Tehehe, but I put Aly and Vanessa in my storage so that where they will stay HA HA!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dear readers...

As you can see my blogging in stinks are not very well done, I don't have writers, graphic designers, followers, etc. So I need you, YES YOU! To follow this blog! And take part in Stardoll Speculations! Hopefully we'll have a great time hanging out, and becoming Great friends! Some of you may know me as ..wonderland.. or aubrionya on Stardoll, but rarely very rarely do you ever see, hear, or say my 1st name, my 1st name is Kaylan!

Now what you can expect on Stardoll Speculations, is we are all about having fun! So here are upcoming events Stardoll Speculations is holding (below)

We plan to Have Guest Book parties, Scenery Competitions, and other competitions that we will start planning soon. So hurry up and tell your friends about Stardoll Speculations, today!
Love Ya!, Kaylan