Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi everyone I have not written posts in a while I am so sorry. I have been very busy! I am trying to finish my Summer Vacation by doing fun awesome things :) I am starting school soon, so that will mean will be limited, with all of the stinkin' homework I am gonna get :S. If you want to write for Stardoll Speculation, just ask I will be pleased to take anyone who wants to. I will try to be online more often, but when I start school like I said I will probably only be able to be online for 1 hour every "other" day. And I will not be online much on weekends, because weekends, will be like my only free time with friends, and etc. But don't worry I will message people on, asking if I can have a writer who can be online more than me to be asst. Manager of this blog.


Use a manual proxy :)

1. Go find your user ID (My account -> tab ‘account settings’)

2. Copy the following link in your url bar (don’t press enter yet!!)

3. At the end of the link paste/type your User ID

4. Go to that site

5. Answer at least 3 questions! :) Or not xP


Q1: 2) The Diary of Anne Frank

Q2: 1) Teddy

Q3: 3) To appear on Britain’s Got Talent

Q4: 1) Her Mum’s Burberry purse

Q5: 3) Edinburgh

Q6: 2) Brunette with blonde highlights

Q7: 1) Mr Peakes, the butler

Q8: 1) A unicorn

Q9: 3) A wedding

Q10: 1) Lobsters

(I hope the answers are correct xP I just did them quickly :P If anyone finds a different answer, let me know! :) )

6. Fill in fake info!

7. Press Submit!

The Stardoll Inisders, made this not Stardoll Speculations.


If you take anything from this blog like pictures, cheats, and free items, please at the top, or bottom of your posts put: Made By Stardoll Speculations. Because this blog needs credit too. Also I am accepting to write to blogs, just ask I will be happy to write for you :)

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