Monday, August 17, 2009


ok so on my beauty blog i show you how to do slena gomez hair tutorials..and other hair tutorials.. i also do nail art tutorials..and product reviews..please check it out and become a follwer ..its

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You can still get the free Mini Cooper!

Mini Cooper:

Log into Stardoll, then type in the url below

Friday, August 14, 2009

Youtube Friday

Heyy guys it is ..Wonderland..! I have a new special holiday! It is called Youtube Friday, Youtube Friday is where I post youtube videos, as may as I can. So stay tuned!

It is 7yr old Michela, ..Wonderland.. let me post Hannah videos since I ♥ Hannah Montana!! So you might see a lot of hannah tehehhe!

Hannah Montana He could be the one - Posted by Michela

Hello It is 7yr old Michela I ♥ Hannah Montana so ..Wonderland.. let me post Hannah Montana videos!!

Heyy it's Michela!

Hello everyone it is ..Wonderland.. I am telling you about my new writer she is my neighbor named Michela. But she is writing posts on my blogger name with me because she is 7yrs old and I want her to share an account rather than her have her own :) Michela's post is below mine :)
- ..Wonderland..

Hi I am Michela, my Stardoll names are Aubrionya, and Hannahluvr221. ..Wonderland.. helped me create them tehehehe ha ha ha!! I am 7, and I live in the USA, but I was born in Italy. Because my dad was in the military at the time. And my dad and my mom traveled a lot for the military. But my dad quit, has a job in the USA and we now live and will stay in the USA forever :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New StarDesign dress!!

Brand new StardDesign dress! 5sd and NON-SUPERSTAR!! Wahoo! That makes me so proud, "Good Job Stardoll :)" But knowing you it will some how end up being Superstar! Ha ha, anyways hurry and get it before it turns Superstar and the prices change, or get high!!