Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dear readers...

As you can see my blogging in stinks are not very well done, I don't have writers, graphic designers, followers, etc. So I need you, YES YOU! To follow this blog! And take part in Stardoll Speculations! Hopefully we'll have a great time hanging out, and becoming Great friends! Some of you may know me as ..wonderland.. or aubrionya on Stardoll, but rarely very rarely do you ever see, hear, or say my 1st name, my 1st name is Kaylan!

Now what you can expect on Stardoll Speculations, is we are all about having fun! So here are upcoming events Stardoll Speculations is holding (below)

We plan to Have Guest Book parties, Scenery Competitions, and other competitions that we will start planning soon. So hurry up and tell your friends about Stardoll Speculations, today!
Love Ya!, Kaylan

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